SWOT Analysis

Questions to Ask

What negative trends in the environment impact your company's performance? 

Are any economic, political, regulatory, or social factors changing how your industry operates?

Are any social or cultural changes affecting your customer base?

What are your competitors doing that could threaten your business?

Analyze the Competition

Research your company's competitors and the threats they might pose for your company. Search using your competitor's company name and one of these subjects:

  • New products
  • Strategic planning
  • Technological innovations
  • Market entry
  • Investments

Identify Threats with the 10-K

In the company's 10-K report (annual report to the SEC), the company itself identifies risks in the external environment.  Risks are discussed in two parts of the 10-K:

  • Item 1 - Business
  • Item 7 - MD&A - Management Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition

Find 10-K reports on the Investor Relations pages of the company website or in one of these databases: