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Types of Industry Information Sources

 Several entities compile and report industry related information. They are:

Trade Associations

There can be several trade associations representing companies within the industry. Often, they specialize in one aspect of the industry (marketing, manufacturing, etc.), but not always. Try to identify those associations (they will have a url ending in .org) and then look for tabs indicating: research, trends, data, information, resources, etc. Many associations require membership to access some or all of their reports and data, but some offer industry overviews or summaries of the overviews to the general public. (See this section of our Industry Analysis Guide)

Research Reports

The library has a number of databases that provide market research reports on specific industries. Remember that if you can't find your industry, try broadening your search (for example, look for "aftermarket" in addition to "auto parts").  Alternatively,  broaden the industry (for example, look for "restaurants, in addition to fast food chains)

S&P Netadvantage -  A great deal of information on both companies and industries can be found here.  Mouse over the tab "Markets" and select "Industry Surveys"

Trade Magazines

In addition to up to date coverage of company activities and industry trends, trade magazines often compile industry overviews in annual "Special Issues". Many times, these special issues are available online on the Web. You can also access these through a number of our databases.


In addition to their special issues, trade journals track current industry activity, trends and events of importance. The library's databases provide a wealth of trade journals in our business databases. In addition, the databases include articles from business magazines, academic business journals, newspapers and more.


Regulatory agencies and departments contain a wealth of information about companies and the industries in which they participate. In addition, the Bureau of the Census can provide fairly up-to-date statistics on sales, number of employees, number of businesses within the industry and more. (See this section of our Industry Analysis Guide).