An introduction to the key sources on all aspects of advertising including budgeting, media and branding. The guide also includes typical advertising questions and where to find the information to address these questions.

1.   How does one create an advertising budget?

The Advertising Age Handbook of Advertising (see link below to this ebook) describes the budgeting process and gives an overview.The chapter on budgeting begins on page 57.

For more up-to-date discussions of the topic, click the hamburger icon on the top right corner in WARC.

Select "Analysis"

Select "Browse by Topic"

Select "Marketing Management"

Select "Setting Budgets"


See this report in WARC for analysis of media allocation and budgeting


Other sources of note:

Brand Media Strategy, 2nd Edition: Integrated Communications Planning in the Digital Era. eBook

2. What are the long-term effects of advertising or is an ad only effective right after seeing it?

This source provides an overview of the topic by one of the foremost researchers of the issue. While he discusses long and short-term effects throughout the book, chapters 21,22 and 25 deal specifically with the issue. This book is also available in hard copy on the shelf.

Here is another book by the author that addresses this question. 

3. Does use of humor/fear affect attention to advertising?

  • For current literature on the topic, use the WARC database (connect using the link below).
  • Click the hamburger icon on the top right.
  • Select  "Analysis" and then "Browse by Topic. 
  • In the category:"Creativity and Craft", select "Humour and Jokes"  or "Emotion."
  • Use the Business Source Complete database: into the search box type:  humor in advertising. Change the drop down menu from "Select a field(optional) to: SU subject.

4. How should a company advertise during a recession?

This book provides background research and arguments for advertising during an economic downturn. Here is the listing of the book in our catalog. 

For current literature on the topic use the WARC database.

Click the hamburger icon on the top right.

Select "Analysis" and then click "Browse by topic. 

In the TOPICS section , under the "Marketing Management" section, click on  "Marketing in a Recession."



5. How does the fast-food industry attract children?

Search the ABI/Inform database using the terms fast food, advertising and children to retrieve articles and studies on the topic. Narrow your search by putting these terms in the subject or abstract fields (by clicking on the appropriate field in the drop-down menu). Other databases such as Business Source Complete will have information as well. A search in our Library Catalog will retrieve books and studies on the topic.

7. What is the advertising to sales ratio for the x industry?

 Use the WARC database. Click on the hamburger icon.

Click on the "Data" tab

select "Data Points"

type the word: ratio in the search box.

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