Ad Spending By Brand/Company or Product

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Information on advertising spending can be found throughout this guide. This page is an attempt to consolidate some of that information. Please also check the Media Sources tab and sub-tabs for medium-specific sources.

Ad Spending By Medium

Ad Spending Forecasts

While numerous organizations forecast advertising spending, three of the most well-known are:

  • MagnaGlobal
  • The WARC database carries some of this information both in their article database and on their Data pages. A search on the news databases (Factiva, Nexis Uni, Business Source Complete, etc.) using the name of the organization in the search and combined with forecasts and advertising will yield summary information as reported in articles or press releases.

Two other organizations that forecast ad spending are: 

GroupM - GroupM typically has ad spending forecast information on their website. For more information, use the news databases (Factiva, etc.) or the Internet to search for summaries of their reports.

Zenith - Zenith charges for their full reports, but their website contains fairly detailed report summaries. 

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