BPL 5100: Business Policy - Prof. LaManna


Census Bureau

One place to begin an industry search is the US Census. 

  • First, find the NAICS code here
  • Then click on the "Data" tab on the Census home page. It's here. https://data.census.gov/cedsci/
  • Type (or paste the NAICS code) into the search box
  • Click the "Explore Data" box on the right side of the screen for an overview of the industry.

Research Reports

I. To Search S&P for an Industry Report: 

  • Click on the blue "Research" tab.
  • Type the industry name (leave out the word "industry") in the keyword box (second box)
  • Select "Industry Overview" from the "Report Type" dropdown menu.
  • Optional: Select "CFRA Equity Research" from the "Contributors" dropdown menu.
  • Click the Search button

II. To browse S&P for your industry:

  • Mouse over the tab "Markets" 
  • Select "Industry Surveys"

Note -- If you don't see your industry on the list, try for related terms or broaden your industry. For example:

  •  Advertising is covered within the "Media & Entertainment Industry" report
  •  Biotechnology is covered in "Life Science Tools and Services" AND "Biotechnology"
  •  Hotel Industry Report is called: "Hotels, Gaming and Leisure"
  • Fast Food Restaurants is covered in "Restaurants"
  • Drugstores are covered in "Food and Staples Retailing"
  • Trucking is covered in "Road and Rail"

III. Alternate search for Industry Survey:

  • Search a company in the industry (e.g. Waste Management Inc. or Maersk (a shipping company). Look on the left side of the company page and select "Industry Surveys".

  1. In the Search Analysis box, Select category
  2. In the Search Analysis box, Select Geography