Mintel Academic: How to Search

How to search Mintel Academic for consumer research reports and data.

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Mintel Academic from the A to Z list.

Mintel Academic

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Mintel publishes market research reports on consumer products and services in over 15 categories including food, beauty, retail & apparel, pets, travel, and technology. Reports cover the U.S. market with some UK and European coverage.

Reports focus on the latest hot topics and trends and feature analysis of consumer attitudes and behavior. Reports are supplemented with short news reports called "Insights."

Reports and Insights can be found by a keyword search, or by selecting from product categories, demographic categories or trend drivers.

Reports open with an Executive Summary and include sections on:

  • Market
  • Consumer
  • Brands/Products
  • Data

Reports are compiled with Mintel's own consumer survey data plus information and statistics from government sources, news & media, trade and industry associations, and research organizations including Simmons, Nielsen, McKinsey, Bain and others.

How to Search

Find Mintel reports The Mintel Academic homepage opens with INSIGHTS where you can find their Expert Analysis. Scroll down to the Search Box and type in a company, industry, brand name or keyword.

Search Box in Mintel


View the search results. Mintel searches the full text of the reports for your search terms. I searched for "fast food."  If you hover over any report you will see what the report covers.

Mintel Search Results


Open a report to download. Connect to the Databook. View Report Contents.

Mintel Download


Go directly to any part of a report. Each report includes: Overview, Market, Consumer, Brand/Company, and Data.

Contents of a Mintel Report

Open any Content area.  Analysis is broken down into many sections for quick access. The "Data" section includes an Appendix listing all sources used in the report.

Mintel Listing of contents for Consumers