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How to access library databases for SEC filings

The Annual Report

The annual report is not a required SEC filing but is used by corporations to communicate directly with their shareholders.

Annual reports feature the CEO's Letter to the Shareholders.  They often include financial highlights, management biographies, product profiles, information on corporate philanthrophy and community programs, and career opportunities.

Annual reports often look like marketing brochures with many graphs, charts and photos.

Check the Investor Relations pages of the company's website for the annual report or use one of these databases:

Finding SEC Filings

Most publicly-traded companies make copies of their filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) available on their investor relations pages on their web sites.  The right column has links to these pages for the companies being assigned to groups.

Also, the SEC maintains a site, Edgar, in which current filings and those going back four years may be searched by keyword(s),  are available for free. Electronic filings start in 1984.

Additionally, the Newman Library subscribes to some databases which offer advanced search features for searching SEC filings and comparing companies.

These sites are:

Audit Analytics

Companies' Investor Relations Pages Have SEC Filings

Companies also make their SEC filings available on their investor relations' pages. 

Go to the Getting Started or the Company News tabs for links to the investor relations pages for the companies you are analyzing.