International Trade: Statistics & Analysis

Long and short term political, economic and financial risk factors should be identified before establishing international trade operations in a foreign country. Many business databases provide country risk analysis surveys and news.

Use the Passport (Euromonitor) database: Start by reading the "Economy Finance and Trade" report in the Passport (Euromonitor) database. Follow up with Passport's "Business Dynamics" report to assess the ease of doing business in your target country.

Use the FitchConnect database: Find Country risk Reports published quarterly by Fitch.These reports survey the country's current economic, political and operational risk environment.

PEST Analysis

PEST is a framework for analyzing the macro-level environment of a business. Survey the P - Political, E - Economic, S - SocioCultural and T - Technological factors in the external environment.

Passport (Euromonitor) - Economy Finance and Trade Report

Economy Finance and Trade Report - Examines the strengths and weaknesses of the economy (monetary policy and government finance); measures openness to trade and investment; and analyzes country-specific risk.

Passport report on Economy and Trade

Start at the "Economies" link (at the top right) and choose your country. Open the report. The box with More Related Items will link to the Country Profile and the Business Dynamics report and more.

FitchConnect - Country Risk Reports

Use FitchConnect to find quarterly Country Risk Reports  and news analysis.Also find risk reports for the county's industry sectors.


The report includes an Economic Outlook;

and a Political Outlook

And Operational Risk