FitchConnect: How to Search

How to search FitchConnect for Industry Reports and Country Risk Reports

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose FitchConnect from the A to Z list.


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FitchConnect offers in-depth research on over 200 global markets and their major industry sectors. Reports feature economic and political risk analysis and 5-year and 10-year  industry forecasts. Daily analysts’ views report on economic developments and industry trends.

Industry Reports

FitchConnect (formerly BMI Research) provides analysis of over 20 major  industries and their sub-sectors. Industry coverage varies depending on the country. Report types include:

Industry Forecast Reports – Start with these lengthy survey reports that include a market overview, analysis of the competitive landscape of the industry, brief company profiles and a 5 to 10 year industry forecast. Reports are updated quarterly.

Industry Trend Analysis Reports –Brief reports that examine current issues in the industry. Published several times a month.

Global Industry Overview Reports and Regional Industry Overview Reports - Lengthy survey reports that Identify and analyze key industry trends and company trends. Reports include global/regional forecasts.Published quarterly.

Data Tools

FitchConnect Data Tools is a database of macroeconomic and industry data, including 10-years of forecast data. Up to 30 years of data is available (depending on the data item). For industries find production, sales and trade data. To build an interactive chart, use the simple step-by-step search interface:

Step 1 – Select Geography – Choose a country or countries.

Step 2 – Select Data Items – View the data as it is compiled in a table.

Step 3 – Select Dates – Choose a custom date range.

Step 4 –Visualize – Select a chart/graph type and click Create. Download data to Excel or save chart.

How to Search

Menu Search

  • From the top menu select Search and then select Research.

Research link on fitchconnect

  • Once in the Select Data Items section select an Industry with the Sector & Industry tab. You can expand any Fitch Solutions Industry category to select an industry sector or sectors.
  • Under the Geography tab select a country or region

Box for search by data items

  • Under the Research Type tab, select Fitch Solutions Research > Fitch Solutions Reports > Industry Forecasts Reports to start. You might also want to choose Analysts' Choice reports for the latest updates..

Select Industry Forecast Reports

  • Make a selection from the Search Results list on left. Click on the title to read the report online. Use the icons to download the report.

FitchConnect Industry Forecast Report