Passport (Euromonitor): How to Search

How to search Passport (Euromonitor) for business, trade and economic analysis and statistics.

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Passport (Euromonitor)  from the A to Z list.


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Passport is a global market research database covering over 200 countries and 17 economic regional groups. Features strategic analysis of the business environment, industry reports, consumer demographics and surveys, profiles of multinational corporations, and breaking news on industries, countries, companies, and consumers worldwide. Also a respected source of economic and business statistics including forecast data.

Passport Reports on Economies

Business Dynamics Report -  Euromonitor's analysis of  operating risk, access to finance,tax policy, infrastructure, innovation & technology, government regulations and the labor market in 52 countries including the U.S. Integrates data from the World Bank, IMF, OECD, Eurostat, and the ILO. Includes rankings from these organizations and others that measure ease of doing business, corruption, rule of law, terrorism, global competitiveness and economic freedom.

Economy Finance and Trade Report - Examines the strengths and weaknesses of the economy (monetary policy,and government finance); measures openness to trade and investment; and analyzes country-specific risk.

Country Report - Brief survey and data on current conditions :political, economic and societal (population & income).

Sustainability Report - Covers agriculture, energy, mining, water and pollution with a five-year forecast of revenues and costs. Includes Euromonitor's Environmental Sustainability Index  which examines country-specific risks and opportunities in the sustainability space.

Passport Economic Statistics

Passport provides socio-economic data for over 850 indicators in 210 countries.  Time series, both historical and forecast, can cover from 1977 through 2030.

How to Search


To Research the economy or state of the business environment in a country, Passport offers a  Search Analysis box  and a Search Statistics box in the center of the Passport home page.  [Do not use the free text search box at the top of the page.]

Search Statistics or Analysis in Passport

To find reports use the Search Analysis box. Choose the Business Dynamics report. And then Choose Geography.

Choose Business Dynamics


Read or download the report.Go to "More Related Items" to select  a Country Profile or the "Economy, Finance and Trade" Report.

Business dynamics Report in Passport


Use the Search Statistics box to find economic and business data and rankings,

Search Statistics box in Passport


Find historical and forecast data. Select the years you want to view.

View Data in Passport