PAF 9152: Nonprofits, Foundations & Company Research - Prof. Seltzer, Spring 2021

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How Will Government Information and Programs Assist Nonprofits, Charities and Foundations?

There are many ways that federal, state and local governments may assist nonprofit organizations.

For example, the Internal Revenue Service provides information on how to apply to become a tax-exempt organization, a status that many nonprofits seek so that donations to them may be deducted by donors.  The Internal Revenue service, part of the U.S. Treasury Department, also has reporting requirements for nonprofits, as do the secretary of state offices and the attorney general offices at the state level.

Many nonprofit organizations work with others- government agencies, private and publicly-owned businesses to accomplish improvements.  Understanding the government's role may enhance opportunities for nonprofits. The departments and agencies may also have opportunities to do business with them, have grant and loan programs, become employed by the agency or volunteer with their programs

Many of the following websites offer alerts to keep current on news and opportunities for nonprofits and other organizations. Setting up an alert is a good way to keep current on the availability of grants, pending or revised regulations, news and new reports or issues.

Information and assistance in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is also available on many of the websites.

Official Websites of States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

These websites may be searched widely or by selecting specific departments and agencies for information on grants, loans and other programs available to nonprofit or charitable organizations, as well as other programs to assist businesses, including those owned by LGBT, minorities, women, and disabled veterans.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Requirements for Forming a Nonprofit and Soliciting Chariable Donations and Required Filings

In the United States, incorporations (starting) a nonprofit or a private company is done at the individual state level.  Offices of the Secretary of State provide information on incorporating, and required filings.  Offices of the state Attorney General, including the consumer protection agency, require charities to make required filings about their fundraising practices and services provided and may have a register of charitable organizations.  the offices of Attorney General may bring legal actions against charities, including nonprofits, for mismanagement of funds or against those committing fraud or scams relating to nonprofits.

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