PAF 9152: Nonprofits, Foundations & Company Research - Prof. Seltzer, Spring 2021

About Sustainability Reports - Reporting Environmental, Social and Governance Factors

 Many large nonprofits, including foundations, along with private and publicly traded companies, are issuing annual sustainability reports that report on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of the enterprise, as well as actions planned or supported for the future.  There may be a link on the enterprise's website linking to the reports.

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Bloomberg and ESG

The Bloomberg Professional terminals are located in the Subotnick Center on the first floor of the library building.  Limited off-campus access may be scheduled to the terminals during the pandemic.

The Bloomberg terminals enable users to retrieve news and financial information about publicly traded companies and industries, and officers and directors of the companies, along with other investments.  Bloomberg has also created analytics to measure companies' environmental, social and governance performances. Extensive information on stocks trading outside the United States and on the commodities,corporate and government bonds, and  mutual funds markets are also available. 

To use the Bloomberg Professional system one enters series of commands to retrieve the desired informati.  The basic commands are easy to master.  The system also allows for very advanced analysis. Bloomberg terminals are found in many investment companies, banks and some news organizations.

For those interested in fundraising or prospect research as a career possibility, some knowledge of searching Bloomberg would be helpful.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reports