PAF 9152: Nonprofits, Foundations & Company Research - Prof. Seltzer, Spring 2021

How to find information on private companies using the Newman Library's databases and those of the Subotnick Trading Center. Remote access to databases available in the Subotnick Center made be requested during the pandemic. The Subotnick Center database

What is a Private Company?

A private company is one in which share of ownership are not traded on a public exchange.  They may be small neighborhood "ma and pop" companies but they may also be billion dollar enterprises that have decided to remain in private ownership.  Private companies are not required to make their financial reports available to the public, which is one of the requirements when one is a public company.

How to Determine What Business or Industry a Company Operates In

Library Databases with Private Company Information

The following databases offer financial information and other information about the companies (years in business, owners, products and services):