Industry Analysis: An Overview

Data, Reports & Infographics

Trade Associations

Associations monitor industry trends, collect industry data and promote the interests of their members.  Their publications and websites are excellent sources of industry data.

To find the websites of industry associations:

  1. Use Google or your favorite Web search engine. Be sure to include inurl:org in your search.
  2. The following are links to lists of trade associations. No list is comprehensive but these will give you a start.

3. S&P NetAdvantage Industry Surveys also list trade associations at the end of each industry survey.

4.  Business Insights Global: Search by industry name and then click on "Associations" for a list of industry associations.

Government Statistics & Analysis -Specific Industries

A wealth of industry information can be found in US government websites from Executive departments, government oversight/regulatory agencies or other government documentation (e.g. congressional committee reports, etc.). One benefit of government generated industry information is that the information tends to be expressed using industry metrics.

There are a few ways to find industry data from government sources. 

Browse/search the related government agencies.

Search Google with your term and inurl:gov     e.g.: airline industry statistics inurl:gov

Here are some examples of government generated industry information:

Communications Industries (internet, cable, television, radio, wireless services, etc.)

Energy related Industries:

Food and Agricultural Products and Industries

Pharmaceutical Industry

Transportation Industries

Government Statistics - Industrial Economics

More Government Data