International Trade Operations

There are many tools that help you comply with U.S. export regulations.Start your research with the ITA's tools for exporters at U.S. Export Regulations.

You must also consider the import regulations of the country you are exporting to. Get started with the Country Commercial Guides. Prepared at U.S. Embassies worldwide, the guides include a survey of import regulations in their pages on "Customs, Regulations & Standards."

The ITA can help you understand how to deal with documentation, product standards, tariffs and other  Foreign Import Regulations.

Can I Export My Product?

This 4 minute video from the ITA covers U.S. export regulations. Review export control laws to determine if you need an export licenses.

Need an Export License

Some exports require an export license.

Consolidated Screening List (CSL)

Exporters should use the Consolidated Screen List to identify those companies or individuals that are restricted from exporting by the U.S. government. The list brings together multiple export screening lists from the Departments of State, Commerce, Treasury, and others.