International Trade Operations

When you are ready to set prices and establish sales agreements for your export start with the International Trade Administration (ITA) advice on how to Negotiate an Export Sale

Terms of sale and terms of payment are defined by Incoterms. Watch the video from the ITA  to learn about Incoterms

Using a Letter of Credit. is one payment method that reduces payment risk. You might also want to protect your export sales with Export Credit insurance.

Export Sales Agreement

Watch this 5 minutes video from the U.S. International Trade Administration (ITA) for advice on how to use a pro forma invoice in your export sales negotiation.


Watch this eight minute video from the International Trade Administration (ITA) to learn about Incoterms.


Incoterms are a global standard, a common set of rules, used by all trading nations to specify the responsibilities of buyer and seller. The abbreviations FOB (free on board) and DDP (delivery duty paid)  are common Incoterms

Letter of Credit

This 4 minute video from the International Trade Administration (ITA) explains how letters of credit work.

Letters of Credit and other Payment Options

Export Credit Insurance