PAF 9183 - International Nonprofit Organizations - Prof. Casey, Fall 2020

Links to specific journals and publictations on international nonprofit organizations and international nonpgovernmental organizations, their work, accomplishments and evaluation and assessment, and other topics.

About Journals Available Through The Newman Library On International Nonprofit Organizations or International Nongovernmental Organizations

There is a wide variety of journals with articles on international nonprofit organizations and international nongovernmental organizations. One way to find these journals for new researchers is to search through the databases and retrieve articles published in the journals. The other way is to search the individual journals for articles that have been cited in other research.  While specific journals may be available in a number of databases, some have exclusive arrangements and are only available through one vendor.

The following are among the journals dealing with the work, issues, development, management and leadership, evaluation and assessment and other aspects of international nonprofits and international nongovernmental organizations.