PAF 9183 - International Nonprofit Organizations - Prof. Casey, Fall 2020

How to Find Electronic Books (E-books) Available Through the Newman Library - Use OneSearch

OneSearch is the source for finding books, as well as articles, reports and other media.  Searches may be limited to books and then to electronic books or book chapters available electronically

Since the pandemic has resulted in the library building being closed, the information about locating books is limited to electronic or e-books. The library's print collection is currently not available.

Tips for using subject headings and keywords to locate books are provided.  Of course, sometimes you will already known the title or the author/creators of the book you want.  OneSearch offers these search options with "Advanced Search."

Examples of Available E-Books--There Are Many More

Specialized Encyclopedias provide background information in their summaries on nongovernmental organizations.

Searching for E-books With OneSearch

After searching for books, filter the results to e-books, or book chapters available electronically.

Results are shown in a relevant sort.  This may be changed to display the most recently published works, or the oldest, first.

In addition to this guide, One Search is available on the Newman Library's homepage, under Define Your Search, then select Books or E-books.  Once you have done some searches, you might prefer to search from the Newman Library's homepage.

Searching with Subject Headings for Find Books on International Nonprofits

Advanced Searches in OneSearch limited to books enable you to search for

*Known titles and authors by name or by ISBN

*Books and reports with specific keywords that you decide

*Books by the Library of Congress's Subject Headings--which are predetermined. They may not always match your idea of a subject.

Once you locate a book that you think will be helpful to your research,  click on the hyperlinks of the subject headings for the book.  Other books with the same subject headings will be retrieved.

Interestingly, the Library of Congress's Subject Headings do not include International Nonprofit Organizations

Some of subject headings are:

International organizations

Non-governmental organizations

Nonprofit organizations which has subtopics including but not limited to:

Nonprofit organizations -- Management; Nonprofit organizations -- Finance; Nonprofit organizations -- Employees; Nonprofit organizations -- Social aspects;  Nonprofit organizations -- Environmental Aspects; Nonprofit organizations -- Evaluation

Among the many other subject headings and subtopics  that may be helpful for searches are:

Organizational effectiveness; Human rights; Humanitarian assistance --social aspects; International relief --social aspects; Environmental Policy --International cooperation; Biodiversity conservation; People with Disabilities; Political activity; and Human Rights Advocacy

Subject headings also include countries, regions of the world, and subtopics.  Some examples: Latin America, which has subtopics, and Refugees --Ethiopia

There are many more subject headings.  Subject headings help start your research or focus it to narrower topics.

Subject headings may be combined in searches or combined with keywords



Tips for Remote Access: Requires Baruch User Name and Password and Sometimes Extra Steps

While working off-campus, you will be asked to provide your Baruch user name and password to access the e-books and databases available through the Newman Library's resources.

Is the e-book part of the O'Reilly Collection?  There's some special steps needed to access the full-text.

Searching with Keywords to Find Books on International Nonprofits

If you don't know a specific title or author or subject heading, you can combine keywords to search for books on OneSearch.

What are keywords?  Main words or thoughts about what you hope to locate.  

Keywords may be combined using AND, OR, and NOT as connectors

Use quotation marks If you are searching a phrase.  Examples: "international nongovernmental organizations" and "food relief"

AND will narrow the search and retrieve books mentioning all the terms or phrases entered.  Examples: India and "human rights" and women; Covid-19 and "international governmental organizations" and assistance

OR searches broaden results as records with either term or phrases will be retrieved.  Or searches may be used to search synonyms that might be used in a book. Examples: aid or help or assistance     Covid-19 or coronavirus   Evaluation or Impact or Effectiveness   Success or Failure

Or searches are also helpful for searching for names of organizations and  abbreviations. Examples: "environmental nongovernmental organization" or ENGO     "Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development" or OECD

Or searches may also be used to search for various spellings of words  Examples: organization or organisation  non-profit or nonprofit

NOT searches will focus search results by eliminating records including the terms following "not"  These searches should be used with caution.

For example, In a search for books on evaluating an international nonprofit, where you are mainly interested in evaluating leadership, if you enter a search NOT staff or volunteers, every record mentioning these terms will be eliminated from the results. 

Not searches do help focus results if a first search retrieves thousands of results.  For example, if you are searching for "disaster relief" and "international nonprofits" and decide not to research earthquakes in Italy, a second search "not Italy" will eliminate books mentioning Italian earthquakes.  It will however eliminate any book with a mention of Italy.

If A Book Isn't Available Electronically from the Newman Library

Normally, books and reports in other CUNY libraries are available by request or going to the library.  Due to the pandemic, the libraries are closed. 

The three New York public library systems are opening some of their locations and books may be available in print or electronic format.  Information on obtaining library cards and searching their collections are provided by the links below.