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Companies' Investor Relations Web Pages

Investor Relations information includes filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), announcements of events, including earning reports, upcoming meetings and webcasts. Some list the analysts covering the company.

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What Industry is the Company In?

Industry classifications of companies may vary by the information source.  Commercial information vendors may have their own classification schemes for companies. 

The U.S. government uses the NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System) for companies within industries.  The NAICS codes updated the earlier Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. SIC codes are still used in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other filings.

Subotnick Financial Services Center

Analyst Reports on Companies, Industries

Resources available through the Newman Library and the Wasserman Trading Floor of the  Subotnick Financial Services Center offering analyst reports are academic versions of these databases. 

Many banks and investment firms restrict access to analyst reports to their customers or clients, or they charge a fee to non-customers. Or, they embargo (limit access) to reports for a time period.

Bloomberg, available only in the Subotnick Financial Center,  has some  analyst reports.  See the third tab for information.

While some companies are followed by many analysts, other companies receive either less or no coverage.  The Bloomberg subscription in the Subotnick Trading Center offers access only to a limited number of analyst reports. 

As a student, don't purchase a report, often available through websites, unless you really want to.  

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Guide Authorship Note (Rita Ormsby)

This research guide was originally developed by Associate Professor and Information Services Librarian Rita Ormsby, who retired from the Newman Library in 2021.