DBA Dissertations

Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting to ProQuest ETD Administrator

After preparing your dissertation according to guidelines and confirming all items on the checklist have been addressed, you are ready to submit the dissertation to ProQuest ETD. 
For May 2023 graduation, the deadline to submit to ProQuest ETD Administrator is April 19.

  1. Go to Baruch's ProQuest ETD Administrator website
  2. Create your ProQuest ETD account by clicking on Sign up and get started today! (red button on the bottom of the page); Follow the instructions
  3. Select publishing options. 
    • Select “traditional” or "open access" publishing with ProQuest and indicate whether you would like your work in ProQuest to be discovered by search engines.
    • Input your embargo (delayed release) decision. Choose from the following options: no embargo (available immediately), 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. This will determine when the full text of your work is made publicly available online. Title, author, and other metadata remain viewable even if a work is embargoed.
    • Acknowledge ProQuest Publishing Agreement
  4. Enter your contact information.
  5. Enter dissertation information
    • primary language of manuscript, title, abstract, year manuscript completed, degree date, degree awarded, department, primary subject category, additional subject categories, keywords, advisor/supervisor/committee chair, committee members
  6. Upload PDF of your dissertation
    • upload copyright permission files (If copyright permission documents are included in your dissertation/thesis file, you do not need to submit them separately.)
    • make sure Approval Page does not include signatures
  7. Upload supplementary files (optional, if applicable)
  8. Include notes to the ProQuest ETD administrator/Newman Library librarian (optional)
  9. After uploading your file(s), you will be given the option to register your copyright for the dissertation with the U.S. Copyright Office through ProQuest for a $75 fee, payable by credit card at the time of submission. This service is optional. Alternatively, graduates may choose to register their copyright directly with the U.S. Copyright Office if they so desire. Please see http://copyright.gov/about/fees.html for more information. Registering your copyright is optional. You own the copyright to your dissertation regardless of whether or not you officially register it.
  10. Order copies. You can order personal print copies. Fees for this service are provided and payable by credit card at the time of submission. This service is optional.
  11. Final submission review - Verify the details of your submission and click “Submit Dissertation/Thesis” at the bottom of the page.
  12. Payment & confirmation
  13. Your submission will be reviewed by the library. You will be contacted if revisions are required. If revisions are not needed, your submission is complete.
  14. Optional: Consider uploading your dissertation to CUNY Academic Works, as well. See the instructions, at the bottom of this page.

Overview of ProQuest ETD Administrator Screen

The Proquest ETD submission screen breaks down the submission steps into three sections: Publishing information, About my dissertation/thesis, and Submission and payment. (See screengrab below.)

  • Publishing information section: Instructions; ProQuest publishing options and the ProQuest agreement; your contact information
  • About my dissertation/thesis section: dissertation details; PDF upload; supplemental files (optional); notes (optional)
  • Submission & payment section covers: register U.S. Copyright; Order Copies; Submit

ProQuest ETD Screen

Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting to CUNY Academic Works

Optional: Upload your dissertation to CUNY Academic Works, the college's institutional repository. Uploading to CUNY Academic Works will make your work discoverable in Google Scholar and Baruch's OneSearch. 

CUNY Academic Works is a repository of research, scholarship, and creative works produced by the CUNY community. Content in CUNY Academic Works is freely available to everyone, and if someone searches your name or research topic using Google, it’s likely your work will be in the search results! Once a work is posted to CUNY Academic Works, it cannot be changed or removed.

How do I submit to CUNY Academic Works?

  1. You may want to wait to submit your dissertation to CUNY Academic Works until after your submission to ProQuest ETD Administrator has been approved and you receive a confirmation for it. (This is in case you are asked to make revisions to the original files submitted to ProQuest ETD Administrator.)
  2. Create a new account using your Baruch College email and a password of your choice at: https://academicworks.cuny.edu
  3. Select “Submit Research” on the left side of the page (in the “Author Corner” section) and then select “Student Theses and Dissertations” 
  4. Read and accept the Submission Agreement. This agreement does not alter your copyright or any rights you have to your work.
  5. Provide information about you and your work (title, abstract, etc.). Upload your file. (Make sure you upload the file without signatures.)
  6. Select “Submit.” Your submission will go live within 48 hours, after approval.