Federal Income Tax Research Sources 2020

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CCH is offering Baruch students, faculty and staff a free trial to AnswerConnect through May 22, 2020.

AnswerConnect offers answers to federal and state tax questions with one search.  A concise answer appears in the search box.  More comprehensive answers, from primary and secondary sources provide detailed answers, explanations and guidance, from CCH tax experts.

Each user must apply for a free account.  Use your Baruch email address in the application form.   There are short and long tutorials to help you master this resource.



CCH Intelliconnect-Federal Tax Resources

CCH Intelliconnect  includes many resources for researchers.

To limit research to Federal tax, change the practice area settings to Federal Taxes, and select apply.

Results are now limited to Federal Taxes.  Researchers may browse the content, or select Citator, to locate cases, rulings, tax code sections by known citations.

  • In addition to selecting Citator to search by known citations, Search Options enables one to build keyword searches by adding synonyms and by building searches using additional connectors that help focus results, such as phrase searches, or searching for words in the same sentence or paragraph or within a given number of words of each other.

Primary Source Content includes:

  • Current IRS Code
  • Federal Tax Regulations
  • Federal Tax Cases
  • IRS Administrative rulings, Letter Rulings and Memorandum
  • Index

Secondary Resources include editorial matters prepared by CCH Wolters Kluwer which help explain the primary source content. 

  • The U.S. Master Tax Guide may be a helpful resource to consult when researching a new area of taxation.
  • The Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter, which is arranged by IRS Code, offers CCH Wolters Kluwer's experts explanations and interpretations.

    Once a search is run on selected resources, the related resources are accessible through hyperlinks so one need not do separate additional searches to locate these references.

    Help with Searching CCH Intellliconnect's Tax Resources

    A brief tutorial of 2 minutes covers the basics.  More short training videos are available.


    New Feature: Answer Connect