Company Information: An Introduction

What Is Company News?

Information regarding a corporate event (current or historical) is considered news and is searched in the news sources. This kind of information might include a merger or acquisition, a new product introduction, executive changes or strategic initiatives.

Search Tips

  • Where possible, use the “guided” or “advanced” search pages. These options usually provide a form for a search.
  • Type in the search statement including the company name. Where a drop-down menu appears, select “company name or organization” as the appropriate field. In the next line, type the aspect of the company on which you wish to focus.
  • When searching by company name, do not use the company’s extension (e.g. inc. co. corp., etc).
  • Truncate or stem your terms to allow for maximal variation (e.g. market* for markets, marketing and market).  While many databases use the asterisk as a truncation symbol, some utilize a different symbol. Check the “help” file to confirm that database’s symbol.
  • Use the operator “and” between terms that must appear in each retrieved document (toyota and youth and market*)
  • Use the operator “or” between synonymous or related terms where at least one of the terms must appear in the document (downsiz! or rightsiz!)
  • Use proximity connector w/# where two terms should appear near each other but word order should not be specified. (e.g. market w/5 share will retrieve: market share, share of market, and share of the computer market). The connector w/# should also be used to search for people.



Finding Company News

Finding Financial or Deal-Related News

Use these to find details of corporate finance events on individual companies: