Company Information: An Introduction

Finding New York Companies - other guides

New York State Company Register (and other states)

NexisUni - Company Dossier

  • Click on the "Menu" on the top left side of the Nexis home page.
  • Select Company Dossier.
  • Type in your company's name.


  • Select Create a Company list by selecting your city (New York) or zip code and selecting other variables (employee size, SIC or NAICS code), sales, etc.

NexisUni Homepage



Local Companies




Notes on Local Companies

Search for basic information on the company using a database where your search results can focus on a particular state, city, or zip code.

Find articles on area businesses by searching the local newspapers.

Begin by using the Factiva and NexisUni databases to search local newspapers and business journals for articles on the company. Several other useful databases are listed in the center box.

In Factiva

Scroll down to find on the left side the "Regions" option and click the arrow next to it to restrict your search to specific region. You can drill down to the New York City level by clicking on the +box next to the region.

Screeshot of Factiva showing location of Regions option