Company Information: An Introduction

Finding or Creating a List of Competitors, Suppliers, Customers

Numerous databases provide lists of comparable companies. These are often peer-group listings or rankings of companies.

Other databases allow one to create tailor-made lists of companies using a variety of parameters. Many of these databases will allow one to download results of these searches into report formats or Excel spreadsheets.

Create Your Own Company Rankings and Lists


Databases Containing Lists of a Company's Competitors, Customers, Suppliers

Business and Trade Journals

Collection of trade journals and business magazines

Trade Journals:
Many trade journals publish company rankings within the industries they cover. These rankings include both public and private companies. Check these sites for trade journals and business magazines that provide corporate rankings:
Business Magazines:
Forbes Magazine
Numerous rankings including America's Largest Private Companies, Global High Performers and more.
Fortune Magazine: Numerous rankings including the Fortune 500, the Most Admired Companies, The Global 500 and the Fastest Growing Companies
Inc. Magazine: Numerous rankings including the Inc. 500 (privately held, fastest growing), Top Women-Run Companies, Top Latino and Hispanic Run Companies, Top Black Companies