Company Information: An Introduction

What is Company Analysis?

Company analysis contains an evaluation & examination of a company, its financial health & prospects, management strategy or marketing activities & its strengths & weaknesses. There are several types of company analysis:

Financial Reports: examples include SWOT analysis, SEC filing sections (Management Discussion and Analysis)  as well as company overview information (often called Tearsheets).

Marketing/Management Reports:

  • Market Research: typically cover industries and product categories including coverage of individual competitors (which may also include privately held companies) if they are major industry players. While the focus of these reports will be on the company's market strategy, expect to find sales and other financial data.
  • Management Reports will cover aspects of the company's operations including sustainability, organizational philosophy, initiatives, core values and mission statements, goals and objectives and much more.

Articles: Articles can be extensive treatments of a company including case histories. Look for in-depth articles in:

  • Scholarly Journals: There are scholarly journals for most business disciplines (e.g., marketing, management, finance, etc.). Articles submitted for publication undergo a rigorous peer review process. Business databases such as ABI/Inform Global and Business Search Complete let you limit a search to the scholarly literature.
  • Trade Journals: There are numerous trade journals for each industry. Trade journals provide continuous coverage of corporate developments. Articles include company coverage that may not be found in the national business press.

Earnings Transcripts: Conference call presentations by top management to analysts, investors and shareholders. Management discuss current corporate financial health, outcomes of various strategic initiatives and financial outlook.

Analyst Reports: Analysis for buy, sell, hold recommendations with detailed company analysis to support the recommendations.



Look to the company's annual 10K for an in-depth overview of the company's finances and activities. In particular, look to:

  • Section 1 --  Risk Factors - a discussion of company or industry operational risks impacting the company.
  • Section 7 --  Management Discussion and analysis of corporate activities
  • Section 7A -- An overview of market risk - a discussion of financial and market factors that could have an impact on the company.

SEC EDGAR Filings Search

  • click +More Search Options.
  • In the "Document word or phrase" search box, type the term(s) you are looking for (e.g. mission).
  • In the "Company name, ticker, CIK number or individual's name" search box, begin typing the company name.
  • Select the date range.



Company Websites - See the Investor Relations page(s) for current Earnings Call transcripts.