ACC 4100: FASB Accounting Standards Codification and IFRS - Prof. Chu

CCH Accounting Research Manager offers access to IFRS and explanatory material

CCH Accounting Research Manager

CCH Accounting Research Manager offers access to the IFRS for Baruch students and faculty through the Newman Library's subscription databases.

  • Please note: There are a limited number of simultaneous users.  If you are unable to log on, please wait, and try again later.
  • Access is available on campus and off.
  • Search methods are explained in examples below.

Search by Topic

Predetermined topics may be searched for IFRS, U.S. GAAP or a combined search.

The background color is significant. Colors are explained in box at the right.

Tip: Check What's New when doing a topic search to be certain that you are keeping current with proposals and decisions.

Drilling Down the IFRS Standards and Literature

To learn about the IFRS Standards, one may want to start by noting the organization and explore by drilling down the available information in CCH Accounting Research Manager.

The background color is signficant. Colors are explained in the box at right.

Advanced Searching by Keywords

Searches may be limited on CCH Accounting Research Manager to IFRS and specific keywords.

The background color is signficant.  Colors are explained in the right box.

Sometimes, no results will be retrieved using the selected keywords.  Consider other possible words to search.  Consulting some journals or books may be helpful, as well as web sites of accounting firms.  See additional resources.

CCH's Interpretative Guidance

CCH Accounting Research Manager provides nonauthoritative interpretative guidance on the IFRS and  FASB Codification (as well as other accounting and auditing topics)

This guidance can be very helpful in understanding topics.


There's a color code of the background of CCH's content: 

White = Authoritative

 Beige =  Interpretative 

Blue =  Proposal stage

Green = Other (includes SEC and other sources)


See Additional help for other resources relating to U.S. GAAP

Guide Authorship Note (Rita Ormsby)

This research guide was originally developed by Associate Professor and Information Services Librarian Rita Ormsby, who retired from the Newman Library in 2021.