ACC 4100: FASB Accounting Standards Codification and IFRS - Prof. Chu

Details how to search codification through database CCH Accounting Research Manager

CCH Search Help

General Tips

Some general tips for analyzing the Codification's text:

From the Notice to Constituents

  •  Language changes from the previous standards include:

Entity replaces words such as company, organization, enterprise, firm and preparer.

Intra-entity replaces intercompany

Shall replaces "is" "required to," "must" and similar terms

Would and should are used to represent examples and hypothetical situations

Access Codification on CCH Accounting Research Manager

All Baruch faculty and students may access the FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) through CCH Accounting Research Manager, accessible through the Newman Library's databases.

  • Access is available on or off campus.
  • The Codification may be searched four different ways on CCH Accounting Research Manager. See the following example:

Basic Searches of FASB Codification

Basic searches may be done in four different ways. See example below:

Advanced Searches of Codification

Advanced Search enables searchers to limit their searches and results to the Codification and to search for combinations of phrases. For an explanation and example, see below:

Drilling Down a Codification Topic

As with the FASB Codification-Professional View-Academic Access, searchers may drill down the topics and subtopics of the Codification through the CCH Accounting Research Manager

  • After logging on to CCH Accounting Research Manager, click on FASB under Standards
  • See following example:

CCH Interpretations Offer Help

CCH Accounting Research Manager provides nonauthoritative interpretative guidance on the FASB Codification (as well as other accounting and auditing topics)

This guidance can be very helpful in understanding topics.


There's a color code of the background of CCH's content: 

White = Authoritative

 Beige =  Interpretative, prepared by CCH 

Blue =  Proposal stage

Green = Other (includes SEC and other sources)


See Additional help for other resources