PAF 9199 Special Topics: Peacebuilding - Prof. Quinn, Summer 2020

Library databases covering peacebuilding, conflict resolutions, mediation and security issues in collections of journals, magazines, and reports.

Which Database(s) to Select for Your Search?

Selection of a database depends on your topics being researched and whether you need peer-reviewed articles, general publications, news articles and reports written by government agencies, non-profit organizations or think tanks.  Some databases provide information on many topics, while others have a narrow focus.  Some have only peer-reviewed journals, while others have both peer-reviewed or academic or scholarly journals and general publications.

New Resource: Very Brief Introductions

Databases for Ethnic and Gender Research

The following Library subject guides provide resources for research in ethnic and gender studies, which may provide different viewpoints and perspectives on peacebuilding and other topics:

Databases With Scholarly and General Publications

Search terms such as "peacebuilding, "post conflict security", "humanitarian aid" or "humanitarian assistance", reparations and "human rights" may be searched in different fields-- titles of articles, as keywords, and as subjects of the article.  Searches by authors' names may also be made.

Searchers may limit results to scholarly or academic journals, as well as other limits, in databases that offer combinations of news, general interest and scholarly/academic publications.

Look for this option in the databases.


Databases that may be limited only to retrieve academic/scholarly and peer-reviewed articles include:

What Does Find It Mean?

Sometimes, after searching and locating an article in a database you might see "Find It." 

This means that the database you have searched does not have the full-text of the article available.  Click on "Find It" to learn if it is available in another database you have access through the Newman Library. If it is, you will be linked to the article.  It it is not available, a link to request the article through Interlibrary Loan will be available.

Searching Google Scholar for Articles

Save Time - Set Up Alerts to Keep Up With New Articles and Issues of Journals

Many databases enable you to set up e-mail alerts so you will be notified when articles on your topic(s) or  a new issue of a journal  are published  and made available in the databases.  Links to the full-text of the articles will be provided in an email you receive.  You can determine how often and how long to receive the alerts.

These alerts help keep you current on research and are also time savers if your research will take place over a period of time.  If you are focusing on your topic, many databases also provide means to save the articles.