PAF 9199 Special Topics: Peacebuilding - Prof. Quinn, Summer 2020

New Resource : Very Short Introductions

How to Use OneSearch to Locate Books Available Through the Newman Library

Examples of some of the many e-books available through the Newman Library are shown below.  Due to the COVID-19 virus, the  physical library is closed and the print collection is not available. 


  • Use OneSearch to search for full-text books avaiiable remotely. (Other materials, such as journals, articles and DVDs may also be searched.) Use the advanced search option to limit your search to Books, and then, those available full text online.

    Know the title or the author of the book you need? On OneSearch, use the advanced search option. Do a title or author search and if the library has it, the results will indicate it is available.

    Have ideas on keywords for your search, such as "conflict resolution" and Rwanda? Search for these terms in "any field" in the advanced search option and capitalize AND to use it as a connector between the keywords. Using quotation marks will search the words as a phrase. Results will be shown for books, if you have limited your search to books. Further filtering for those available full-text and online will provide results.

    Results will be shown by relevance, which is based on an algorithm. Change the results to the most recently published or oldest.


  • About Subject Headings

    Once you have located a book, click on the details. There will be hyperlinks to the subject headings the Library of Congress has assigned to the book. Click on the hyperlinks to be linked to other books available through the Newman Library with the same subject headings. Once you know the subject headings, you can also start your OneSearch with a subject search, using the advanced search option.
    Caution: The Library of Congress's subject headings may differ from your idea of subjects, so keywords might be better to start with, and then search by subject headings you have discovered.

For Background Information: Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Readers

Articles within specialized encyclopedias or handbooks, reference works providing explanations or "quick" answers to questions, are ways to gain basic information.

Scroll over the titles to read descriptions.

Examples of E-Books on Specific Countries:

Among the Many E-Books Available: