PAF 9199 Special Topics: Peacebuilding - Prof. Quinn, Summer 2020

How to locate peer-review and other journals available through the Newman Library's subscription databases.

About Searching Journals for Articles

To access journal and journal articles remotely through the Newman Library databases, you will need to enter your Baruch user name and password.

You can either limit your search to a specific journal, if you know the title, or select a database that has a collection of various journals with current and past issues to search for articles on a specific topic or author or person.

Peer-Reviewed Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution and Security Journals, A-I

In addition to peer-reviewed journals, there are some reviews and magazines that offer high quality information on foreign relations, including peace building and resolving internal or international conflicts.

These are some of those available:

Save Your Time - Set Up Alerts for New Articles on Your Topics in the Journals

Many journals and databases enable you to set up alerts so you will be notified when articles on your topic(s) are published by the journal and made available in journals.  Links to the full-text of the articles will be provided.

These alerts help keep you current on research and are also time savers if your research will take place over a period of time.

What is An Embargo?

Sometimes, the most current issues of journals are not available through vendors for a year or 18 months.  This is called an embargo.

If you need an article that is not available through the Newman Library's resources, you may request articles through interlibrary Loan services at no cost to you. The requested articles will be provided electronically via your email address.

Free Digital Subscriptions to The New York Times & The Wall Street Journal

All Baruch students, faculty and staff may establish free digital subscriptions to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. by using their Baruch email addresses.


Databases to Search for Newspaper Articles

Newspapers in many cases provide the first written accounts of events.   Current issues and back issues are available through databases. Opinion pieces, editorials, interviews and reviews and retrospective works on past events, shape the opinions of readers.


More recent issues of the Financial Times are available by searching Factiva and limiting your search to the Financial Times as a source. The most recent month is not available within a personal subscription.  Published in London, it offers extensive coverage of international news.