Zotero 6 "Out of the Box"

Zotero V6 has a new built-in PDF viewer. You can access it by clicking on a a PDF in your Zotero library:


When you do so, instead of opening Adobe, Zotero 6 instead opens a built-in PDF viewer in a new tab that displays a representation of your PDF. The Zotero PDF Viewer has three panels:



Center Panel: See the PDF itself.


Left Panel: To the left of the PDF is the "Highlights and Comments" panel.

Zotero calls this these things "annotations" which can get a little bit confusing because on the right side there is another feature called Notes.

It's useful to think of this as the "highlights and comments" panel.


Right Panel: To the right of the PDF is the "metadata and notes" panel. 

Here the default view shows you the usual metadata associated with the PDF that you would normally see in the main Zotero app. 

But, there is also another little icon that looks like a little spiral notebook opens up to a "Notes" section.

Zotero iOS App

Zotero now offers the Zotero iOS app that allows you to you collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share your work via your iOS mobile device.