IBS 5750: Capstone Project

 Research market conditions, opportunities, regulations, and customs in your target country.

  • Start with the Country Commercial Guides from the U.S. International Trade Administration
  • .Use the World Bank Enterprise Surveys to identify the  "Biggest Obstacles for Firms".
  • Read the Doing Business reports from the World Bank to identify business regulations
  • The Passport database offers an in-depth analysis of  business dynamics in  multiple reports that  profile the country, its households, income & expenditures, trade & finance, and economy.

Country Commercial Guides from the ITA

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The United States International Trade Administration (ITA) produces Country Commercial Guides for over 125 countries. Find  market conditions, investment opportunities, regulations, and business customs in reports written by market experts from U.S. Embassies.

Country Commercial Guides

The Country Commercial Guides have many parts. Start with the survey of "Doing Business in..."

Export Destination Videos

Familiarize yourself with a country’s export potential with these 5 minute videos that cover entry into the market, leading sectors, culture, and consumer profiles. Interviews with in-country trade experts offer tips on doing business in 20 countries  that are leading destinations for U.S. exports including: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Peru, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Vietnam.

World Bank Enterprise Surveys

Choose a country and open the "Economy Overview" report for a summary of the findings.

Examine the chart measuring the  "Biggest Obstacles for Firms".

Use the Data Visualization tools to compare and chart data.


World Bank - Doing Business

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Doing Business

there are two ways to search. Use  "Select an Economy (Country)"  to find reports and ratings of the business environment in 190 countries. These annual reports focus on regulatory aspects of doing business.

Choose "Select a Topic" to find reporting on starting a business, getting credit, enforcing contracts and other aspects of doing business.

Passport Business Dynamics Report

Use Passport's Business Dynamics report for an analysis of  finance,tax policy, infrastructure, innovation & technology, government regulations and the labor market in a country.

Business Dynamics Report -  Euromonitor's analysis of  operating risk, access to finance,tax policy, infrastructure, innovation & technology, government regulations and the labor market in 52 countries including the U.S. Integrates data from the World Bank, IMF, OECD, Eurostat, and the ILO. Includes rankings from these organizations and others that measure ease of doing business, corruption, rule of law, terrorism, global competitiveness and economic freedom.

Ryan Phillips | Business Librarian

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