International Trade

How to research a foreign market for exports.

About This Guide

This guide will help you select an export market by examining:

Potential target markets 

Tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade

Country risk indicators


Help for Exporters

Many agencies of the U.S. government provide assistance for exporters.

Getting Started is the U.S. government portal for information about exporting from the U.S.  On their website you will find two excellent sources for researchers:

Basic Guide to Exporting

Book with 17 downloadable chapters covering all aspects of establishing export markets.

Start with Chapter 2: Developing an Export Strategy

Step-by-Step Approach to Market Research

A brief guide that outlines:

  • How to find portential markets
  • How to analyze target markets

I have a Product for Export

Want to identify countries that are new or growth markets for your product?  Use the reports in one of these government websites: