US Census Data

Overview of different census datasets A Brief Demonstration

Data Reference

Statistical Abstract

Common Variables

In All Decennial and ACS Data Sets:

  • Population
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Urban / Rural Population
  • Households
  • Family Relations
  • Housing Units
  • Home Occupancy
  • Home Tenure

In ACS Data Sets:

  • Ethnicity
  • Residence
  • Citizenship Status
  • Employment Status
  • Commuting
  • Industry and Occupation
  • Education
  • Income
  • Poverty
  • Rent or Mortgage
  • Home Value
  • Housing Characteristics

What is the Census?

"The Census" is actually composed of several different datasets that were created and designed for different purposes. "The Census" also refers to The US Census Bureau, the branch of the US Department of Commerce that conducts the census.

If you want to use the census, the first question is: which dataset should I use?

Census Datasets

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Easy Profiles for Census ACS Data

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