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A valuable public resource for demographic, socio-economic, and business / marketing data

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2020 Census Timeline

The 2020 Census will be published in phases. It is a 100% count of the basic demographic characteristics of the population down to the block level.

  • End of 2020: basic population count for states
  • Early-mid 2021: Public Redistricting File (PL-94-171) , six tables with basic population counts down to the block level
  • Mid-late 2021: Summary File 1 (SF1), the primary decennial census dataset with detailed demographic characteristics
  • Late 2021 - early 2022: Summary File 2 (SF2), additional cross tabulations for all race categories
  • Mid-late 2022: first tabulations by urban / rural status and new Congressional Districts

The US Census

The US Census Bureau compiles, creates, and publishes a variety of free, public domain datasets that can be used for socio-economic, demographic, and business analyses. This guide will help you to tap into this valuable resource.

Accessing Census Data

An Overview of Basic Census Concepts

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