PSY 3060: Developmental Psychology: Adult Development - Prof. Gitman

Spring 2023

Brainstorming for Ideas

Best way to get started

  • Don't start by searching for scholarly journal articles
  • Begin by using the Gale eBooks database (see below) to poke around in some general areas of research. Your goals now are:
    • To learn enough about that area so you can recognize what is a good question to ask (your research question)
    • To learn basic terminology related to the topic (which you'll need to use when running searches for sources)
  • Expect that the actual research question you are researching will need to be as narrowly focused as possible:
    • Needs work: depression in children
    • Better: how depression in children affects schooling
    • Even better: how depression in elementary school children affects their performance in school

Brainstorming for ideas

Picking and refining a topic

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