Law: Finding U.S. Laws, Cases & Regulations

How U.S. Law Is Made

Need an introduction to the U.S. Government?  See:  Learn about the United States: quick civics lessons for the new naturalization test.


Laws are enacted by Congress and state legislatures and usually approved by the President or Governor

Rules and regulations are issued by executive departments and agencies under law and the President's authority

Cases are decided by the courts (judiciary) in accordance with established law.  The judiciary consists of the federal court system and the individual state court systems.

The Law Collection at Newman Library

The Newman Library has a basic United States law collection that includes:

We subscribe to the following commercial databases that cover US legal resources:   Hein Online, Nexis Uni, and Westlaw.  Links are provided in this guide.


The Constitution

US Constitution


The United States Constitution is the foundation of United States law. The Interactive Constitution, produced by the National Constitution Center, is a searchable version of the Constitution with commentary and links to the Supreme Court cases that have interpreted its meaning over time.

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