Law: Finding U.S. Laws, Cases & Regulations

What Are Law Reviews?

Law reviews are student-edited journals that publish scholarly law articles. Law review articles can be found on LexisNexis Academic and WestlawNext Campus Research, and on some academic databases (see right). Current issues of law reviews are often on the web (see below).

Some Law Reviews

Finding Articles on Legal Issues

Many databases offer articles and information on legal issues in business, accounting, tax and finance, and in communication, advertising, marketing and computers and information technology, health sciences, education, psychology, and on specific topics such as human rights, sustainability and environmental concerns.  Depending upon one's topic, the following databases will be helpful:

Finding Law Review Articles

Law review articles can be complicated, but they sometimes address current issues that can't be found in textbooks. The most comprehensive collections of current law reviews are on LexisNexis Academic and WestlawNext Campus Research.