Factiva - Companies/Markets: How to Search


Quotes: Find the latest stock quotes or download up to five years of daily stock prices.

Market Data Charts: Build a price chart comparing up to 10 companies. You can compare the company's stock price to a stock index or other companies. The charts are interactive linking price points to Factiva's news articles.


How to Chart Stock Prices

Start at the Companies/Markets tab. Choose Quotes or Market Data Charts.

Quotes: To graph stock prices over time, select Stocks as the Instrument and enter the stock symbols in the search box. (You may enter multiple tickers using a space to separate them.) Download prices in a table or display a static price chart.

Factiva Stock Quote Search Menu


Market Data Charts:  Enter the ticker, select dates, and choose display options. You can compare the company's stock price to a stock index. You can compare the stock prices of multiple companies. Select Redraw Chart if you need to change your date or format options.

Factiva charting tool

View the Stock Chart: Your stock and index choices and display options are shown on the left. The stock chart on the right can be saved and downloaded. You can get news articles from Factiva by clicking on any point in the graph.

Factiva Chart  Stock Prive against an Index