Factiva - Companies/Markets: How to Search

How to Search Factiva: Companies/Markets for Company Snapshots, Company News, and Stock Prices.

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Factiva from the A to Z list.

Companies/Markets Options

The Companies/Markets section of Factiva offers:

  • Company Snapshots and Reports
  • Industry Reports
  • Stock Quotes
  • Market Data Charts

Find profiles of public companies listed on stock markets around the globe. News comes from Factiva’s hundreds of business newspapers, magazines and wire services. Financial Results and Ownership data are provided by FactSet.

Description of Company Snapshots & Reports

Company Snapshot: A company profile with basic company facts including contact information, a business description, key executives, financial data, competitors and ownership.

News: Links to the Latest News from Factiva's key business newspapers, magazines and wire services.

Key Developments: News briefs for the current year from Reuters News covering mergers and acquisitions/ownership changes, bankruptcy, performance, corporate management changes, new products/services, funding/capital, regulation/government policy, and market changes

Peer Comparison: A competitors list displays 10, 20, 50 or 100 peers selected by industry code (NAICS, SIC or NACE) or by a Dow Jones Industry Index. Rank the list by sales, employees or market cap.

Financial Results: Five years of Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Income Statement data for public companies. Detailed Geographic and Business Segment data and Key ratios.

Ownership: View the top 25 institutions, mutual funds and insiders that own stock in the company.

Reports: Download or print a complete Company Profile. Choose a Financial Health Report to view key indicators, margins, valuation and effectiveness ratios, and share and dividend activity data. The Ratio Comparison Report offers a comparison of the company ratios against its industry, sector, and the S&P 500 Index aggregates.


How to Search

Start at the Companies/Markets tab. Enter the company name or ticker in the lookup box.

Factiva Companies/Marekts tab

View the Company Snapshot Online: Alternatively,  you can download the full report with the PDF icon or from the Report link.

Factiva Company Snapshot


Connect to News: From the Discovery Pane on the right you can connect to news on related companies.or subjects.

Factiva Company Snapshot with Discovery Pane


View Segment Data: The Company Snapshot includes charts with company segment analysis including data on the top five segments..

Factiva Company Segment Data


Find Peer Comparison: Identify 10, 20, 50 or100 competitors.Select peers by industry code (NAICS, SIC  or NACE) or Dow Jones Index sectors. Rank the list by sales, market cap or employees. Note both U.S. and foreign companies are included in the rankings.

Factiva Company Peer List


View Ownership: View the top 25 institutions, mutual funds and insiders that own stock in the company.

Factiva Company Top Shareholders



View Financials: View or download five years of company financials. Choose annual or quarterly (interim)  Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Cash Flow data.


Factiva Company financials


Choose a Report: View online or download a Company Report or select a Company Financial Health Report or a Company Ratio Comparison Report.

Factiva Company Report Options

Company Ratio Comparison  Report;

Factiva Company Ration comparison Report