Moody's Analytics Economic View: How to Search

How to search Moody's Analytics Economic View for economic and financial indicators and analysis.

How to Connect

Go to the Newman Library Databases page and choose Moody's Analytics Economic View from the A to Z list.

Economic View

Economic View Logo

Moody's Analytics Economic View offers  U.S. economic data and financial indicators with daily analysis and monthly risk reports from Moody's Analytics. Key features include:

  • Analysis - Daily reports on the economy
  • Indicators - Data, definitions, and links to the source. Explanations of the current numbers and customizable charts
  • "Quick and Dirty Economy" - All current economic data series to download or graph.
  • U.S. Risk Matrix - Monthly 3 page report on the economy.
  • Global Business Cycle Map


From the Economic View Global homepage you can view Moody's Analytics series of reports called "Trackers."

Trackers in Economic View

Tracker reports focus on financial risk assessment. and include:

  • Global GDP Rankings
  • Covid-19 Policy
  • Geopolitical Tracker
  • Risk Matrix - for the U.S. and other countries
  • U.S. Regional Business Cycle
  • U.S. High Frequency GDP Model...

Business Cycle Map

From the Economic View Global homepage you can view the  "Global Business Cycle Map."

Business cycle picture

The map is color coded to indicate the latest economic status of the country. View countries in recovery/expansion/at risk/or in recession.

Hover over any country to read the latest risk summary from Moody's Analytics.

How to Search

Start Search - Economic View homepage opens with the latest Global analysis. Baruch subscribes to Analysis and Indicators for the United States and Canada.

Economic View Home Page

Choose the United States - Open the Global tab to see the data options for the United States:

Economic View US data options

See Your Options - The Economic View page for the  United States opens with the latest Analysis and Indicators.

Economic View U.S.Page

Choose Analysis - Open the "Analysis" page to find insights on current economic conditions from the analysts at Moody's Analytics. New reports are added daily

Analysis Report from Economic View


Choose Indicators - Choose one of the economic indicators to open the latest data report which includes a definition, link to the data source, and a customizable data chart.

Economic view CPI Report