Moody's Analytics Economic View: How to Search


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Open any Indicator in Moody's Analytics Economic View to find:

  • Data
  • Definitions
  •  Links to original source data
  • Explanations of the current numbers
  • Customizable charts

Find GDP, employment, industrial production, CPI, trade, and consumer confidence for the United States and Canada,

Quick & Dirty Economy

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From the Moody's Analytics Economic View Global homepage, choose "Trackers" and scroll down to open the "Quick & Dirty Economy" Tracker.

Find economic data for the United States updated daily. Choose any concept (CPI, GDP, gold Prices, Retail Sales...) and right click to view a graph  or download the data series. You can select data frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and the time period

Using Economic View Indicators

Indicators in Economic View include data from the latest economic releases. You can link out to the original data source. Use the chart to customize your view (by frequency or time period) or download the data series to excel.

Economic View Indicator Reportsis:


The Indicators report includes a definition which outlines the strength and weakness of the data and tells users what to look for in the data.

Economic View Indicator Definition


The Indicator page also includes Moody's analysis of the factors influencing the current data in a section called "Behind the Numbers."

Economic View -Exlaining the Numbers