PAF 9450: International Development - Prof. D'Souza

Links to journals acceptable for assignment

About the Journals

Cover image World Development

Each journal listed on this page is available in one or more Newman Library databases. If you have the title of a particular article, you can search the article title within the specific publication in the database you select. You may also do "article" searches within OneSearch.

Alerts to new issues of the journal or to re-run your search within the journal to alert you of newly published relevant articles may be set up, depending upon the journal and the database. 

Sometimes, the most recent issue or most recent year of the journal is not available through the databases. To receive these articles, request them  through interlibrary loan. There is no cost to students or faculty for interlibrary loan.

If the journal indicates an article is available for purchase, please use interlibrary loan to request the article.

What Does Find It Mean?

Find it! options at CUNY. A new window will open.


If you see the above symbol, it means that the journal and database you are searching doesn't have the full-text of the article you have found.

If you click Find It @ CUNY, you will learn if the article is available in another Newman Library database, or if you should request the article through Interlibrary loan.