Corporate Finance

A guide to analysing the financial structure of public companies.

Identify the Competition

Many databases offer company profiles that include lists of competitors.

List Subsidiaries & Affiliates

Find Stock Reports

Start your research with a company profile from one of these sources:

What Business is the Company in?

Companies typically define their business in the opening section of their 10-K report. In this report you can expect to find:

  • Description of the company's product lines and business segments
  • List of subsidiaries and geographic locations
  • Discussion of company strategy
  • Mention of contracts, raw materials used, and supplier or distribution channels
  • Names of the competition and discussion of competitive factors in the market
  • Mention of research and development or intellectual property issues that are important to company operations
  • Key government regulations in their industry
  • Outline of risk factors to consider in evaluating the company's business

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