POL/HIS 3005: Social Welfare Policy

Finding policy analysis books

Search the library's catalog, to find books on your topic.

Social welfare & policy books usually have a call number that starts with the letters HV, which is located on the 4th floor of the library.

However, social welfare policy topics are often cross-disciplinary, so you may find books in other call number ranges.

For example, books focusing on housing policies will usually have a call number that starts with the letters HD (located on the 4th floor) and books discussing education policies usually have a call number that starts with the letters LB (4th floor).

Please note that many policy books in the library's catalog are electronic books and can be viewed using a browser. If the book is an "Electronic Resource," look for the URL or link. If you are off campus, you may be prompted to type in your Baruch username and password.

How to find books using call numbers.


    Find Books at Newman Library

    Search the  library catalog using "keywords" that describe your topic. (For example: housing policy and united states).


    Other library catalogs

    Search terms for finding books in library catalogs:

    When searching in library catalogs, try using some of the following search terms used for books discussing policy analysis:

    • policy sciences
    • public administration
    • problem solving
    • decision making
    • government policy

    If you want to focus your search, try adding more search terms that describe the specific topic you are researching. For example:

    • policy sciences and housing
    • housing policy
    • environment or environmental policy
    • economic policy
    • national security and policy
    • public health and policy
    • ... and etc.

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