POL/HIS 3005: Social Welfare Policy

Searching in databases

Use Newman Library databases to find articles.

Create a list of keywords (terms) that describe your topic, and use these keywords when searching the databases.

If you do not find articles with your keywords, try searching again with alternate terms and synonyms/antonyms.

Some common words used in articles discussing social welfare policy analysis are:

  • social policy
  • government policy
  • policy analysis
  • public policy
  • public administration
  • housing policy
  • educational policy
  • environmental policy
  • economic policy
  • and etc. 

If you are not able to find articles using your terms, try using another database or Ask A Librarian for help.

If you are off campus, use your Baruch Username and Password to connect to the databases.

    Key Social Welfare Policy Databases at Newman Library

    This is a list of key databases that are often used for social policy research, however, do not limit yourself to these databases. Visit the Newman Library's website for a complete list of databases available to you.

    Other Helpful Databases

    Gateways to Federal Information

    Subject Guide

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