Faculty Guide to Media and Film at the Newman Library

Streaming Films

The library can make select films available in video on demand format (streaming)

  • the film's copyright holder must be identified and contacted to purchase the license to stream the film
  • The library will attempt to purchase the digital file or get permission to digitize the DVD to stream from the library server
  • It is a violation of copyright law to digitize a DVD for streaming without the permission of the copyright holder.

Public Performances

Media held by library has been purchased for screenings in course use only.

*Any public showings of films outside of the class room must have obtained or purchased the public performance rights from the copyright holders.

VHS to DVD conversion

In order to comply with US Copyright law the following is proceedure for evaluating VHS media for reformatting:

If you have authored the VHS and it is not published commercially you may have it converted to any format, (DVD, streaming)

If a VHS tape is available in DVD format it must be purchased even if you or the library already purchased the VHS version. The library has funds to purchase and add DVDs to the collection that will be used regularly for courses.

If a VHS tape which is used in the classroom is not available on DVD we must attempt to locate a copyright holder and obtain written permission to reformat the video.  If we are unable to locate or make contact with the copyright holder after making a “reasonable effort” we  will proceed with the conversion. If you have written permission of the copyright holder, please submit it with the VHS cassettes.

To inquire about acquiring or reformatting films contact Michael Waldman or Amanda Timolat.

Recording Television Programming for the classroom

You can show a recorded television program in class  – as long as the following guidelines are observed:

The showing has to meet the same requirements as a commercially-produced tape—it must be shown in a classroom while teaching students for instructional purposes and it must be lawfully acquired. 

•  The program needs to be showed within 10 days of air date(recording), you can show it twice in the same class.

•  Copyright notice must be included with the recorded broadcast for showing

•  After 45 days the tape must be discarded or the programs owner contacted to purchase the rights to the programming.

Media Librarian