Faculty Guide to Media and Film

Baruch Library Films

This guide will help faculty:

  1. Determine if they need DVD or streaming
  2. Locate DVDs and streaming films for courses
  3. Understand the copyright issues relating to film use for courses

Choosing between DVD or Streaming [VOD]Format

How will  students view the film? 

  • If you are planning to show a movie in class, DVD will be the best format to use
  • If students are required to view a movie on their own time you may want to consider video on demand [VOD]

To request a film for your course, contact Michael Waldman or Amanda Timolat.

  • The library makes the film available  through online streaming
  • Be aware that not all movies are able to be streamed.
  • Often foreign and out of print titles are more difficult to locate in VOD format.

Plan ahead - locating and licensing films for streaming can take 6-8 weeks.

Media Librarian