Venture Capital

Using VentureXPert

The link below takes you to the VentureXpert User Guide for the SDC application. 

Creating Reports of VC Deals

For reporting VC deals over a specific period of time or for listing companies funded within a particular industry or geography, it is best to use a specialized database.  VentureXpert is available at the computers behind the library reference desk and is restricted to Baruch students and faculty.


VentureXPert is a Thomson Reuters database of Venture Capital firms, funds, investments, and funded companies.  (Keep in mind that several faculty members have the application installed in their offices.) The Baruch license allows one user between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm, with unlimited usage during other hours. Data has a 30-day embargo, which means that all searches must be limited to an end date of one month prior to today's date.



Data is global and sourced from venture capital firms, filings and news sources.  Coverage begins in 1970, although content quality improves through the 80's until present.  Information includes profiles of vc firms, associated funds, and limited partners; entrepreneurial companies; and the funding rounds which link investors and funded companies. 


Reports/Spreadsheet Output:

Using VentureXpert, you will be able to produce reports and spreadsheets with the following data:

  • Portfolio Companies within certain industries, geographies, funding date ranges
  • VC Firms by location, fund size, industry focus
  • Financing round histories by company/industries/date ranges; comparables
  • Executives of VC firms and funded companies
  • Periodic summary statistics

Finding Recent Deals

Here are some specialized news sources for reading daily deal updates in the VC industry: