International Ice Cream Quiz​

Explore the Library’s Databases to Answer Your Questions About the World

Free Ice Cream!

The Newman Library and Weissman Center are providing a fun way to learn about the library’s resources and a chance to win free ice cream. Explore the library database Passport to answer the following questions about the global ice cream market.

The winner was given a $20 gift certificate to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. Congratulations! Of the participants, only 20% answered all five questions correctly. 

The Answers

  1. What is the most popular ice cream brand in the world? 
    Answer: Magnum
  2. Which company holds the largest market share of ice cream by retail value?
    Answer: Unilever Group
  3. Which is the most popular retail channel for ice cream globally?​​​​​​
    Answer: Grocery Stores
  4. Which country consumes the most ice cream per capita?
    Answer: New Zealand
  5. What is the most popular flavor of ice cream in China?
    Answer: Chocolate

Passport Euromonitor

How to navigate Passport:

Though there are several paths in Passport Euromonitor to the Answers to the Ice Cream Quiz, navigating EXPLORE STATISTICS to Snacks > Ice Cream > World > All would have been an efficient way to all the needed data. The last question was tricky, and required altering Passport data settings to convert to Per Capita. 

Passport Ice Cream Data

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